R&D MACHMA INC is a small indepandant Canadian innovative intellectual property research and development  company involved in
exploring  innovative and sound relevant technical solutions
*  and also securing and marketing patents rights mostly of cost effective
environmentally focused Otto cycle green I.C.E. technology component for extended range mostly land & sea personal vehicles
higher fuel efficiency minimal anthrpogenic emissions Otto cycle natural gas genset gas engine for
boreal regions extended range  electric hybrid fueled personal cars.
extending US NGV's range with new adiabatic gas exchange technology


R&D MACHMA INC  pressed by automotive environmental problems keeps an open eye on the future , and seeks  individuals and  
skilled independent contributors: including local national  and international corporations / universities /environmental associations
and  invites possible
automotive partners  collaboration development and financial investors in our mutual field of environmental
protection concern leading to possible advantageous and mutually rewarding collaboration in fields relevant of
our mutual exploring interests.


Machma (J-P Marcil)'s relevant current & prior patents and projects involvement

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.eliomotors.com,  possible contribution toward 84
Light Turbo Compound Engine Variant
International  Patent   WO 2011/044683 A1   -  Patent April 21  2011
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil ,  assignee:                 R&D MACHMA INC

Light Turbo Compound Engine Variant  
Canada   CA 2732477  - Patent   May  7  2011
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil ,  assignee:                 R&D MACHMA INC

Light Turbo Compound Engine Variant*     
USA patent application  -         Patent pending                          August 9  2012            Pub. N0. US 2012/0198836 A1
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil ,  assignee:                 R&D MACHMA INC

Light Turbo Compound Engine Variant
US patent -            US 8,683,987 B2 -               Patent  april 1 2014  
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil ,  assignee:                 R&D MACHMA INC

Light Turbo Compound Engine Variant
India patent application  -         Patent pending                          August 9  2012     Patent application.        No. 3441/DELNP/2012          
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil ,  assignee:                 R&D MACHMA INC
EP1147302 -  Patent Sept 27, 2006
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil , assignee :Volvo Teknisk Utveckling AB

Internal combustion engine
US6431157 -  Patent Aug 13, 2002
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil , assignee :Volvo Teknisk Utveckling AB

Internal combustion engine
US20020069860 -   Patent Jun 13, 2002  
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil , assignee :Volvo Teknisk Utveckling AB

US6378482 -   Patent Apr 30, 2002
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil , assignee :Volvo Teknisk Utveckling AB

US20010054408 -  Patent  Dec 27, 2001
Inventor: Jean-Pierre Marcil , assignee :Volvo Teknisk Utveckling AB    

our quest: to develop innovative cost-effective robust required solutions for essential  environmentally sustainable Otto cycle I.C.E.   
by reducing anthropogenic emissions as well as Otto cycle I.C.E.'s other forms of raw emissions while improving gas engine"s fuel efficiency
while also reducing  cost of operation, cost to upgrade, and cost to recycle said I.C.E. for providing  
much cleaner and sustainable
efficient dependable reliable  
extended range vehicles  specifically adapted and suitable for both liquid & gaseous fuels
(CNG)  as ell as conventional personal CNG vehicles as well as for moderate power electrical genset I.C.E. providing the most
efficient & cost effective
Otto cycle I.C.E. component for electric hybrids vehicles and  
emergency electric generators. ( genset)

R&D MACHMA INC is a certified Canadian Corporation under the Canada Business Corporations Act under incorporation # 69394-5R

R&D MACHMA INC is an independent intellectual property exploratory research and development  innovative company whose main activity is as follows:  
Research and
exploratory development activity principally focused on cost effective emission solutions  & especially Otto cycle I.C.E.'s raw emissions
as well as Otto cycle I.C.E.'s anthropogenic  CO2  emission reduction (Otto cycle internal combustion engines);
including OEM collaboration and or securing and marketing our patents rights of our said Otto cycle I.C.E.'s other ecological emission solutions.   

R&D MACHMA INC has its head office located in
Beauharnois, Province of Quebec, Canada.

Machma is a young and small independent intellectual innovation property Canadian R&D company having its head office located in Beauharnois,
Quebec, Canada and whose main interest and activity are as follow:
research and development, a portfolio of holistic improvements focused on sustainable mobility through lowest emissions Otto cycle internal
combustion engines* used for personal transportation vehicles and more specifically in regards to emission control improvements that also
implies a deliberate cost rationalisation of clean fuel efficient S.I. Otto cycle internal combustion engines. Said I.C.E. are devised to be affordable,
fuel efficient and robust lightweight low maintenance Otto cycle engine to provide the optimum " Otto cycle I.C.E. component" for personal
electric hybrid vehicles.   Gasoline & Natural Gas LTCev.
Our inquisitive and challenging work initiated development of a promising patented adiabatic system and method to reduce S.I. Otto cycle
inherent operational emissions, and more specifically to reduce insidious CO2 anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission by improving prior art
Otto cycle's S.I. CAIC and UAIC engine strategy intake cycle pumping-work aspect of liquid state fuels (gasoline, ethanol, etc) and includes also
gaseous state (natural gas, propane, etc, ) fuels while advantageously reducing ring-pack friction through innovative pneumatic coupling Light
Turbo Compound engine variant.
The Light Turbo Compound engine variant is fully compatible with various state-of-the-art S.I. CAIC and S.I. UAIC Otto engine strategy's existing
systems including most CAIC fuel control systems; therefore providing a significant fuel consumption reduction advantage allowed by
neutralizing intake cycle pumping-loss friction to advantageously extend the useful range of very low emission of affordable existing
CAIC fuel system vehicle used with other alternate fuel engine of light personal vehicles. (including ethanol)
It is cost effectively capable of not only significantly improving prior-art Otto cycle intake cycle's pumping-work's efficiency by reducing
detrimental pumping loss friction of the proven affordable S.I. CAIC strategy Otto cycle engine, but is also uniquely capable to further enhance
the fuel efficiency of the more technically demanding advanced state-of-the-art UAIC strategy S.I. Otto cycle gasoline engine using: the  direct
fuel injection system  further improving its fuel economy, (reducing its CO2 emissions) yet allowing to curb NOx emissions, as cost effective
sustainable means to extend the useful range of personal vehicles, including electric hybrid.
This unique and promising system and method involves reducing S.I. Otto cycle engine's CO2 emission as well as HC while curbing NOx raw
emission provides means to rationalise and reduce overall cost, weight and bulk of exhaust gas emission control devices of new generation of
clean fuel- efficient S.I. gasoline engine by upgrading proven current state of the art affordable  CAIC strategy gasoline engine as a robust
alternative to direct fuel injection gasoline engine or as light duty non-continuous utility diesel alternative engine for personal vehicles
applications including more affordable full mode hybrid and range extended electric hybrid*


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